On Sunday, July 23rd, in the splendid courtyard of Caetani Palace, the ninth edition of the Cisterna Film
Festival ended with a final evening full of emotion at the announcement of the winners.
The jury, composed of Karin Proia (actress and director), Raffaele Buranelli (actor, director, and
producer), Christian Angeli (director and professor of “Visual Documentation Techniques” at RUFA in
Rome), Chiara Guida (journalist and film critic), and Matteo Di Simone (sound designer and audio mixer),
awarded the following prizes:
“Best Film” to the short “The Devil” by the young Polish director Jan Bujnowski, “for the ability to play with
various registers, surprising the audience and touching on strong themes while maintaining good taste
and poetry”. The director expressed his gratitude through a video message, expressing his satisfaction for
the recognition.
“Grand Jury Prize – Best Direction” to “Datsun”, a New Zealand short by Mark Albiston, “for the conscious
use of the cinematic medium that constructs the narrative with mastery, evocative visual ideas, and
impeccable direction of the actors”.

Special Mentions:
“Busan, 1999” by Thomas Percy Kim, “for the simplicity with which the themes of distance between
mother and daughter, a sense of melancholy and remorse, are approached with tact and grace”.
To the Subject Matter of “Things unheard of” by Ramazan Kiliç, “for the determination with which a
disastrous event is transformed into a political struggle by a young girl, through a “discarded” object”.
– To the Cinematography of “Golden Bells” by Kurt Steven Yu Soberano, “for the evocative and
expressive use of light and framing”.
The award for “Best Performer”, presented by MOBilitazioni Artistiche, the association responsible for
organizing the festival, was given to the French actress Andréa Bescond, co-star of “Périphérie” by
Thibault Bru.
The “Audience Award”, of those present during the evenings, went to the Filipino film “Golden Bells” by
Kurt Steven Yu Soberano.
A distinctive feature of the Cisterna Film Festival is to accompany cinema with other forms of art,
therefore in this edition photography was given significant space with the exhibition “Mind – Hanging Ball
of Thread” by Vanessa Pistilli, the author of the 2023 manifesto.
Out-of-competition events included the presentation of the novel “Raudo e i cuori nel caffè” by actor
Giovanni Anzaldo on Saturday, and on Sunday, the actress and director Karin Proia held a workshop for
acting students.
The high level of public participation this year fills us with pride and encourages us to immediately start
working on the next edition, which will see us celebrate its 10th anniversary and is already expected to be
full of surprises.
Artistic Director Cristian Scardigno, Executive Director Marianna Cozzuto, and the entire staff of the
Cisterna Film Festival bid you farewell with infinite gratitude and look forward to seeing you again in 2024.
Stay connected.