Another edition of the Cisterna Film Festival has ended, a very important one, the one of a hoped and unexpected goal: the fifth. Like every year the artistic direction of Cristian Scardigno has favoured high quality works among the many short films arrived during the selections. The task of choosing the finalist films is increasingly difficult because of the big amount of short films that deserve to be shown to the audience.

Finally the selection was restricted to 17 titles, which were submitted to the jury composed of Selene Caramazza, Emanuela Mascherini, Toni Trupia, Susanna Pellis and Ciro De Caro. Their choice fell on Fauve by Jeremy Comte (Canada). The story of two boys playing alone in a deserted mine. Their game ends in tragedy. Here is the motivation:

Fauve is the story of a harsh initiation to life and death. His evocative and metaphorical images, which find a perfect and powerful synthesis in the sequence in which the ground absorbs one of the children, as well as the great cinematographic rendering of the story and the extraordinary direction of the two young protagonists, make it a precious and important short, able to speak a universal language. Fauve’s strength is in his quality of being cinema from the first to the last frame”.

As every year the audience, during the three evenings of the competition, voted for their favourite short film, delivering with the Audience Award Acqua & Sapone Nefta Football Club by Yves Piat (France), another story of children, this time Tunisians and lovers of football, who come across a mule lost in the middle of the desert on the border with Algeria, wearing headphones to listen to music and carrying a precious cargo. Nefta Football Club received also the Special Jury Mention for the script.

Finally the Mobilitazioni Artistiche Award, the one awarded by the staff of the Cisterna Film Festival to the best performer. The winner was the French Camille Le Gall from the short film Laissez-moi danser (France) by Valérie Leroy. The actress was present to collect the award from the board of directors composed by Marianna Cozzuto, Cristian Scardigno and Eleonora Materazzo, and from the whole staff.

Led by the speaker Renzo Di Falco, the evening hosted the musical interlude of the guest Alex Polidori, actor and Tom Holland’s official dubber, who presented his new single Paranoico.

See you next year with a new edition of the Cisterna Film Festival!