Five years, five editions: the Cisterna Film Festival reaches a very important milestone and celebrates it with substantial numbers. The participation of filmmakers, film company and distributions was massive, with about a thousand short films from all continents. Every year it is increasingly difficult for the art direction to choose the short movies to show in the courtyard of Palazzo Caetani, because of the excellent quality of the products.
The official 2019 selection consists of short films from the most important international festivals (Venice, Cannes, Sundance, Toronto and Clermont-Ferrand), the main national and international awards (Oscars, David di Donatello, Nastri d’Argento, Goya Awards and Cesar ), and some national premieres.

It follows the selection of short films in competition for the fifth edition of the Cisterna Film festival:

– All these creatures (Australia, 2018, 13′) by Charles Williams
– La bête (France, 2018, 18′) by Filippo Meneghetti
– Boca de fogo (Brazil, 2017, 9′) by Luciano Pérez Fernández
– Un cortometraje sobre la educacion (Chile, 2018, 18′) by Sebastián Nemo Arancibia
– The death of Don Quixote (United Kingdom, 2018, 13′) by Miguel Faus
– Il était une fois mon prince viendra (France, 2017, 15′) by Lola Naymark
– Fauve (Canada, 2018, 16′) by Jeremy Comte
– Frontiera (Italy, 2018, 15′) by Alessandro Di Gregorio
– Gagarin, mi mancherai (Italy, 2018, 20′) by Domenico De Orsi
– Gardiennes (France, 2017, 14′) by Adeline Picault
– Laissez-moi danser (France, 2018, 17′) by Valérie Leroy
– Nefta Football Club (France, 2018, 17′) by Yves Piat
– Parru pi tìa (Italy, 2018, 15′) by Giuseppe Carleo
– The Role (Iran-Italy, 2018, 12′) by Farnoosh Samadi
– Segunda-Feira (Portugal, 2018, 15′) by Sebastião Salgado
– The silent child (United Kingdom, 2017, 20′) by Chris Overton
– Sugarlove (Italy, 2018, 10′) by Laura Luchetti

In addition to the Next Generation section held at the auditorium of the middle school Plinio Il Vecchio at the beginning of June, the collateral sections of “Other Visions” and “Focus” are also confirmed.
“Other Visions” will open the evenings of 19, 20 and 21 July with the screening of three short films with a special experimental aim. The opening night (18 July) is dedicated to the “Focus”, with a program of shorts from Asia. It will be the sole opportunity to see works – some national premieres – from Singapore, Nepal, Vietnam, Iran and South Korea.

Here are the short films selected in the two collateral categories:

Mirror Effect (Usa, 2018, 3′) by Oliver Smith
– Sub Terrae (Spain, 2018, 7′) by Nayra Sanz Fuentes
– Vitiligo (France-Ivory Coast, 2019, 7 ‘) by Soraya Milla 

– Ashmina (Nepal-United Kingdom, 2018, 15′) by Dekel Berenson
– Cam Lang (The mute) (Vietnam-United States, 2018, 15′) by Pham Thien An
– Delay (Iran-Italy, 2018, 15′) by Ali Asgari
– Melodi (Singapore, 2017, 12′) by Michael Kam
– Reonghee (Alien) (South Korea, 2019, 15′) by Yeon Je-gwang 

During the opening night, the Next Generation prize will be awarded to Jorge Muriel and his most voted film, El Niño qui queria volar. That night one of the performers, the Spanish actress Sonia de la Antonia, will collect it. In the following days, the members of the jury and all the guests will be announced, as well as other news of this fifth edition.

The Cisterna Film Festival is organized by the Cultural Association Mobilitazioni Artistiche under the artistic direction of Cristian Scardigno. It enjoys the support of Regione Lazio and the patronage of Provincia di Latina, Comune di Cisterna di Latina and Proloco di Cisterna.